“There’s no such thing as a free lunch!” Why are big business paying Government?

That’s all it takes. £6,000 subscription fee for Big Business.

I’m sure there are many of the public out there who would be happy to educate MPs on how to live on a basic wage.  Perhaps MPs should pay them £6,000 for the privilege?


Ever heard of the Industry & Parliament Trust?  This Parliament runs a trust which subscribes big business as members on a yearly basis.
It is run as a Charity.

Here is what it states its objects.


It would appear that MPs, Civil Servants, MEPs are offered some days on ‘courses’ to gain a ‘Fellowship’.  They can visit the Courts, EU, Big business, Media and at the end are awarded ‘Fellowships’ from the Trust.  Here is one example


What is not answered is:

Why is business expected to become a ‘subscribing member’ to a Trust run by Parliament?
What is the fee of £6,000? For what is it used?
Do MPs still claim expenses on those particular days?
What is the money used for?
Why is big business asked to make monetary payments to Parliament?
Why has the EU made contributions to the Trust?
How can it be considered a Charity? How is this beneficial to the public?
If training was free from 2013, what did the money go towards?
Is there not a conflict of interest?
Is this not open to abuse?
If employees of big business are offered the chance to visit Parliament in order to understand the workings behind the establishment, why does the company have to pay £6,000 to be a member?

In 2014 accounts this extract said they had considered offering training free and adding new programmes.



Trust Accounts


  1. Joan Jacob Bercow is arrogant and undemocratic, he is a disgrace to the job of Speaker. Some way should be created to get rid of him ASAP

  2. BERCOW has become a liability and MUST be replaced immediately to give credence to the position of SPEAKER of The HOUSE.

  3. Crawford Campbell The people of the united kingdom must unite and make the government listin or the people of this country will over throw the government and take such action as we need too.

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