Britons! Your Country needs YOU!

Let’s make this the biggest assembly of Leavers ever!  Join MPs, Celebrities, Leavers and gather together at Parliament Square to cheer in the Brexiteers who have walked from the North in Leave means Leave Walk to Leave.

“The establishment promised we would leave the EU on March 29th 2019, but they are now attempting to delay Brexit or even stop it all together.

That’s why we need to show them we will not sit by whilst they betray Brexit. Join thousands of leavers in a historic rally in Parliament Square, starting from 4pm on March 29th to show the Westminster elite we must leave the EU without delay.”
Leave means Leave.

Join The List as they come together with other Brexiteers to voice “Brexit means Brexit”!
As artists for brexit asked – bring a drum, your voice.

Let’s all come together!

For map and further details see Leave means Leave web page

13 thoughts on “BeThere

  1. the protests in Parliament Square London are nothing compared to what I sadly see over the coming Weeks & Months unfortunately I see unrest in this Country happening in the Summer months that is usually the months to watch out for in case of rioting their is real rage in this Country and ugly mood get rid of this whole Parliament and abolish the unelected House of Lords


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