People vs Parliament

Come on People – show them, let them READ YOUR WORDS, HEAR YOUR VOICE, SEE YOU IN ACTION!

Sign our Open Letter to Parliament here – Leave, No Deal! Let them hear you loud and clear!

Sign our Petition to Parliament and the Privy Council here   – Let them hear – you have a voice!

Send a letter to your local Lord/Lady Lieutenant here 
let them read what you have to say!

Support The List to have the People’s Declaration inserted into our  uncodified Constitution.  We must never let this happen again! Bring those responsible to account – sign here 

Stand with The List-Brexit on 29th March at Parliament Square – let them see you!


9 thoughts on “People vs Parliament

  1. this parliament has become an untenable bunch of self interested deniers and it is time for a general election to rid ourselves of these bloodsucking traitors


  2. Give the people what they voted for. We need a brexit. PM, and a brexit cabinet. How the hell can we move on democratically with a remain government. May has wasted 2 years purposely, to end up in the position we are in. It is down to her. She is NOT a negotiator, why is she still PM she had no respect. From the people, she is a dangerous toxic liability who has single hands fly given our country away.


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