1. I get paid to do a job my employers want me to. If I don’t, I lose my job!!
    If you can not do the job you have been given to represent the will of your constituents, then you should resign.
    But because your so hard faced, and know nobody else would employ you, you steal tax payers money under false pretences! Do your job!!!

  2. They stood on manifestos promising Brexit, by going against your manifesto and Brexit you are holding your seat under false premise, this is fraud!

  3. Arogant elitist autocrats who won’t be told what to do by the ignorant plebs despite them placing them where they are and paying their over inflated wages.

  4. You are a disgrace you should be ashamed of yourself but I assume you are loading your bank account because you are probably a self serving politician like a lot of policies.you may never have heard of this saying GOD never pays his Dept’s in money.

  5. Kevin Jackson

    Sack the lot of them, they have made us the laughing stock of the world!!

  6. every one of these disgraceful people should be sacked & made to pay every penny they took from us with there lies & dishonest behavior, they are paid by us (the taxpayer) to do as we request. they should all be sacked!

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