17 thoughts on “Traitors

  1. Sack them all we voted leave we didn’t ask for any deals we want out elections coming soon looks like UKIP is getting my vote


  2. Wollaston jumped sides at the eleventh hour when it became widely believed Remain was certain to win the Referendum She recently skipped again when calls for her deselection were imminent. . Sadly, there are so many of her ilk that much of the political system is rendering itself unelectable. Fresh parties are urgehntly required for swamp draining duties.


  3. I am really angry at the way our politicians have disregarded the wishes of the British people. I am also annoyed at the way that most of the media is blatantly on the side of remain especially the BBC which is supposed to be impartial. I feel that we (the people who voted to leave the EU) are so badly under represented by the political classes.


  4. I am so angry, with those mps in parliament, they have done nothing but scaremongering, it would of been better to have told the truth about the EU, we have been lied and cheated for long enough, we are at war with them and we are going to win this, they will pay for this disgusting behavior, if we wanted children to run our country we would of employed them


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