Our article on Brexit Central’s web site, sets out the Electorate’s desire to be totally free from the clutches of the EU.

Trading under WTO rules, even in the interim period, would NOT be detrimental to our country. Our Article entitled, “There is nothing to fear from leaving the EU and trading under WTO rules,” can be read in full here.

Everyone knows the game Parliament and some media are playing.  The ballot paper did NOT show the choices as ‘No deal then Remain in the EU or ‘Agree a deal to Remain in the EU’, but the fact is, that exactly what they are trying to achieve.

It was simply LEAVE or REMAIN.  Leave the EU in its entirety.  It would be a breathe of fresh air, if one MP, with some guts and honesty, came to the forefront and declared, ‘you are trying to mislead the public and are being dishonest’.  Negotiating any trade deal is just that, and should NOT be combined with or dependent upon the U.K. leaving the EU.  The List has sent an Open Letter to Parliament, Mrs. May and MPs with a request that they visit this page to read for themselves the comments made by the Electorate. This is your chance to put your name to the Letter here.


3 thoughts on “WTO

  1. We are entitled to self determination under international Law don’t stand for it Britain wake up and throw out dishonest Government & Opposition britishconstitutiongroup.com


  2. I personally voted for a no deal. The EU are very bitter towards the UK. And that’s not just since we voted to leave. They have treated the UK with disrespect for many years


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