WTO Campaign


“We must paint our future on a clean canvas”

The List believes the only ‘deal’, for which 17.4 million people voted, is a complete break from the EU – leave in its entirety.

In order to paint our future on a clean canvas, we must leave on 29th March, 2019 and trade on WTO rules until such time as a mutually convenient trade agreement can be agreed with the EU.

Agreeing such a beneficial trade arrangement, even a free trade arrangement, must not be connected to our actually leaving the EU in its entirety. Those proposing such a condition are doing so in order to muddy the waters. They are two separate issues!

Facts4eu organisation, who The List agree to support, have already started the campaign #GoWTO, and you can read more and join their campaigns here




3 thoughts on “WTO Campaign

  1. Just leave now on WTO we can then get our deals done with no restrictions, then I know we have truly left the EU. I do not believe with Mays deal that we will have fully left. I think her deal is a ruse to trick us, then we are stuck for life.


  2. Leave on 29th March and then and only then continue to negotiate with the EU, but on our terms and under the umbrella of the WTO. We can take as much as Ten years to do this, but do not have to pay them a single penny and we would out of their corrupt clutches.


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