It’s time to bin the Licence Fee, and use the money for better use in the United Kingdom!

It’s time our money was put to better use!

From the BBC’s own web site

“A conundrum in public service broadcasting is how to ensure that a publiclyfunded broadcaster can remain independent from political control. The licence fee is a necessary, if not sufficient, part of the solution. It ensures that it is the British people who pay for the BBC, not the government.”

Ten years ago, in 2008, 11 MPs tabled an early day motion regarding the EU funding of the BBC.

Soft loans and payments amounting to 258 million euros over the previous five years were paid by the EU to the BBC.  Such payments surely compromised the independence and objectivity of the BBC?  The BBC allegedly also benefited by a cash equivalent of approximately 39 million euros which was made up of 20.4 million actual saved interest on loan facilities of 240 million, 2.5 million in grants, 14.6 million to BBC World and 1.7 million euros in indirect payments.  Further undisclosed sums in respect of joint projects no doubt breaches the BBC’s Royal Charter, which demands independence and states that the BBC should not ‘accept funds from any organisation whose interests or actions could raise doubts about the objectivity of programming’.

This motion called on the Government to establish an independent inquiry into EU funding of the BBC and its impact on the BBC’s objectivity on European matters and the debate, at the time, on a referendum.  It would appear that this motion was never heard.

According to the BBC’s own editorial guideline policy, “The BBC should not normally enter into a partnership with a foreign government.  Relationships with UK government departments, religious organisations, charities, and organisation which undertake lobbying should also be treated with care to ensure our impartiality is not undermined.”

In the financial year 2013/14 the BBC took £878,000, while in 2014/15 it received £778,000 from the EU.  The broadcaster has received £476,000 (2015/16) but may be larger.

The BBC has admitted taking more than £2 million in European Union funding over the past three years, but said it had taken the cash under the European Union framework programme, to fund its research and development arm, which is working on projects such as 3D broadcasting, and ultra-high definition filming.

According to the European Union web site on funding, for the period 2017-18, the BBC has been given a grant of 1,282,331 euros.

In 2015, the BBC was given 19,325,735 euros.
In 2016, the BBC was given 6,806,536 euros.

The BBC also gives annual funding to the ‘think tank’ Chatham House of between £25,000 and £50,000; and The Social Market Foundation, another ‘think tank’ whose object, they say, is to advance the education of the public in public policy, one Director of which is Nicky Morgan, MP and supposedly ‘the best think tank’ according to John Major!  However, they are given charitable status but that will become more clear in our next article!

bbc graph2

British Media Action, founded in 1999, is supposedly an independent charity that works on international development and embraces the BBC’s values!  However, 4 BBC employees are trustees of the charity and they work in partnership with the BBC World Service (known to have received EU funding) and other parts of the BBC.  They admit that although they benefit from access to BBC people and infrastructure, none of the work is directly funded by the Licence Fee??  However all staff employed on a continuing basis by British Media Action have employment contracts with the BBC.

In 2016, they received EU funding of 2,409,751 euros.
In 2017, they received EU funding of 12,000,000 euros.
As of 31st March, 2018 the charity had net assets of £54.4m.  Gross income was £35,900,000.

The BBC, as well as the EU and others, provide substantial funding as seen below.

How can they state to be independent and of charitable status???

BBC donations and legacies

BBC income sources

BBC Large





4 thoughts on “BBC

  1. The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation is E.U. and left wing biased, pro celeb criminality Jimmy Saville got away with heinous crimes on their watch, time this nest of vioers was put down.


  2. The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation is E.U. and left wing biased, pro celeb criminality Jimmy Saville got away with heinous crimes on their watch, time this nest of vipers was put down.


  3. The BBC is a propaganda machine first for the EU, also for our ruling elite. They broadcast what they are told, and are dishonest, in fact a lie machine.
    They can tell us what we are supposed to hear,from any where in the world. Except in Europe. We have heard nothing for decades about Sweden, Finland, we have not been told how the invasion of so called refugees have almost destroyed thee countries. That their governments have left the indigenous peoples totally undefended,, and their only way to survive is to defend them selves against the jihad that has been inflicted upon them. Because those running the EU and the UK do not want us to know.
    I have not purchase a news paper for over thirty years, I do not bother to listen to TV media news, all biased against our people,in favour of so called refugees.
    For instance the beginning of Jihad, first rape and groom also killing a few, whom have been raped or groomed, Covered up,and still covering up.All has been allowed by our ruling class,government, judiciary and the police, also on this Social Services have been as bad.
    And when jihad starts here proper ( mass killings) what can we expect of those that are supposed to protect us. And it is coming.
    And this is how Islam has worked for 1400 years.
    Of course we hear nothing from the BBC or others, they just follow orders, the same excuse as used by the NAZIs in 1930s Germany.
    Like many others I was forced to learn computers, what they forget through lap tops we get the news they do not want us to know, But they do try to thwart us as much as they can.


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