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Our mission is simple : The majority of the electorate won the EU Referendum in 2016. Leave means leave the EU in its entirety.
We support #GoWTO.

We also will fight against these elites and globalisation. The People are Sovereign. The People will have a voice!

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It’s free. It’s for the People. It is the People! We are not aligned to any political party and we want to speak with one voice! We are a very active organisation and we will not be the silent majority. We are calling everyone, all Leavers, even those that voted Remain but are now supporting a Leave Brexit, let’s come together now! We need to have our voice heard and unite against these elites who are intent on thwarting democracy. Join Today

The People’s Declaration

Our Sovereignty & Powers were given to the EU, without the consent of the electorate.  We cannot allow our Sovereignty & Powers to be given to a foreign entity. We have put together the People’s Declaration. Our uncodified Constitution must reflect this, not only for us, but for future generations…..and therefore we campaign to have this inserted.
Sign your name here .  Want to read the Declaration & Authority in full? Click here

Open Letter to Parliament

Put your name to our Open Letter to Parliament from The People. Not only did they take us into the European Union illegally but they are now trying to thwart the democratic decision…. Leave your name now.  Scroll down and leave in the box at the bottom.

Bercow Petition

We cannot allow this man to remain Speaker of the House. He has brought this into disrepute so many times. Join thousands of others, by giving your name to our Petition.
Click here and leave your name!  Scroll down and leave your name in the box at the bottom.

No Confidence in Mrs May

We are NOT asking for a General Election but believe the time is right for Mrs. May to stand down and let a Leave MP take the reins.  Sign the Petition here 

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Our article on Brexit Central’s web site, sets out the Electorate’s desire to be totally free from the clutches of the EU.

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Standing up for young Leaders, Students for Brexit are a grassroots organisation funded by students for students. 

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“We must paint our future on a clean canvas”

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“Thanks to our membership of the European Union, we benefit from free trade agreements with 50 countries around the world” Britain Stronger in Europe.

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  Those that voted Leave are called racists, xenophobes, idiots, uneducated – we need to talk!

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We now see the rise of countries like Russia, China and India; countries with their national sovereignty intact and high on their agenda. Have those countries failed by not adopting this globalised world order ideology?

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