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Our mission is simple : The majority of the electorate won the EU Referendum in 2016. Leave means leave the EU in its entirety.
We support #GoWTO.

We also will fight against these elites and globalisation. The People are Sovereign. The People will have a voice!

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It’ free! It’s for the People, by the People! We are not aligned to any political party
and we want to speak with one voice! We are a very active pro-Brexit group
and we will not be silent.

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English Democrats bringing a Case to Court to get a Declaration that the UK has left the EU as of the 29th March 2019.
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Bercow Petition

Bringing Speaker of the House into disrepute, we cannot allow this man to remain. Join thousands of others, by giving your name to our Petition. Click here and leave your name! Scroll down and leave your name in the box at the bottom.

The People’s Declaration

Our Sovereignty & Powers were given to the EU without the consent of the electorate. Sign the People’s Declaration and help us to bring those accountable to justice.

Sign your name here.  Read the Declaration & Authority in full. Click here.

Open Letter to Parliament

Put your name to our Open Letter to Parliament from The People. Not only did they take us into the European Union illegally but they are now trying to thwart the democratic decision…..Leave your name now. Scroll down and leave in the box at the bottom.

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Whoever our new Prime Minister will be, we must ensure that we serve to him our Declaration. Democracy must survive today and for future generations.

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‘Are you a sheep? Are you allowing yourself to be herded by Groupthink? Not sure, read our article.

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BBC Debate – how pathetic.  Who won? The Brexit Party won. This was a debate between Conservative MPs jostling for the position of the Leader of a Politic Party.  Why then, were we subjected to a party political broadcast?

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We are now nearing the end of Mr. Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom. To announce on twitter yesterday that ‘we stand for peace, justice and inclusivity’, when it was his very own supporters who threw a milkshake into the face of someone who just disagreed with their point of view. Oh the irony,… Read More

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Rory Stewart says he wants to double the amount of foreign aid on climate change!  This is my story, this is my message.  I sincerely hope you will take the time to read otherwise you will never understand; things will never change.

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You’ve probably heard of Common Purpose, an organisation far more secret than any Mason establishment – well, now listen to first-hand experience from an ex-student on the infiltration by political activist teachers imposing their own ideology and indoctrination on our students!

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Since the 2016 EU Referendum, you can still hear it being asked today – what does Leave look like?  Well I want to ask you, what does Remain look like?

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British academic exposes risk to UK and US interests from defence parts of May’s exit deal.

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In the novel, 1984, Great Britain (“Airstrip One”) became a province of a super state. That super state ruled by one party who employed ‘thought police’ to persecute individualism and independent thinking.

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